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Assembly Instruction for Flat-Pack Ürtil
Assembly Instruction for Flat-Pack Ürtil

Assembling your flat-pack Ürtil

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This can be done by 1 person but in our experience having an extra pair of hands is always useful.

Assembling your Flat-Pack Ürtil

  1. Identify the side pieces engraved “L” for left and “R” for right*. Locate the black female joining mechanisms. This is what will connect the sides to the top and base pieces.

    * The engraved “L” & “R” also indicate which edge is the top and bottom. Ensure they are orientated correctly.

  2. Identify the top/base piece (the top piece is engraved with Top) the Ürtil has doors, the top piece will a deeper groove/grooves and the bottom piece will have a shallower groove/ grooves. These pieces will have black male joining mechanisms.

  3. Connect one of the sides to the base by attaching the female connector to the male connector lock together using the hex key. Repeat on the other side and make sure all pieces are aligned and flush to the front. This may require light tapping with a soft mallet. Don’t over-tighten the connectors it only requires a small turn.

  4. Vertical Fin
    Skip to the next step if you don’t have a vertical fin.

    Make sure the vertical fin is orientated the right way up using the marking, "TOP". Slide the fin into the slots on the top and base pieces with the notches facing forwards. You might need to gently tap it with a mallet to make sure the back edge lines up with the back pocket.

How to install shelves

  1. Fixed Shelves
    Skip to the next step if you don’t have “fixed” shelves.

    Fixed shelves will slide into the slots in the side pieces as well as the cut out on the central fins. Slide with the notch facing forwards until the back edge is flush to the back pocket.

    Now, find the back panel and make sure the side with "TOP" engraved faces outward. Screw through the pilot holes using the M4x25 screws to fix in place.

  2. Blank shelves
    Skip this step if you don’t have “blank” shelves.

    Find the pin holes on the shelf's bottom side. Decide where you want the shelf to sit and mark a straight line on the side pieces at that height. The centre of the pin holes should be positioned under that marking, offset by half the shelf's thickness plus 6.5mm. Make marks on the side pieces for the shelf pins; these marks should align with the width of the pin holes on the shelves. Then, use the provided shelf pins to secure the shelves in place.

  3. Adjustable shelves
    Skip this step if you don’t have “adjustable” shelves.

    Adjustable shelves will already have the shelf pin holes on the side panels as well as on the bottom face of the shelves. Simply, fix the shelves in at the desired height with the supplied shelf pins.

For how to mount the Urtil onto the wall, please read the "Installation Instructions for Assembled Urtil" article

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