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Installation Instruction for your Assembled Urtil
Installation Instruction for your Assembled Urtil
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Fixing your Ürtil to the wall

This can be done by 1 person but in our experience having an extra pair of hands is always useful.


1. Start by setting the height of the supplied baton which should be positioned 6mm below the top of the unit. The Urtil sits on the baton using a 6mm lip at the back of the top piece.

2. Level the baton and secure it to your wall by screwing it in place. Make sure to use the metal spacer rings provided to achieve the necessary spacing. If you have a solid brick, block, or wood-clad wall, use 5 x 80mm fixings that are supplied. If you're attaching it to a plasterboard wall, you'll need to purchase specific plasterboard fixings.

3. If you have doors ensure your Ürtil is the right way up (there is an engraving ‘TOP’ at the back of the Ürtil; the deeper door slot needs to be at the top), place and hold it onto the baton and using the screw cups and 4 x 25 mm fixings screw through the back and into the pre affixed baton.

4. Install the door by pushing the top up into the top slot - this is deeper than the bottom slot so the door will push up into the unit and will then drop down and locate in the bottom slot.

5. If you have a Mittled lighting channel in the base of your Ürtil thread the power cable leaving the connector end in the rebated channel. With the light at an angle, push one end of the light into the channel and onto the connector (this takes a bit of wiggling) then lift and push the other end of the light into the channel.

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