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Trim and Assembly Instruction for Trim-Fit Ürtil
Trim and Assembly Instruction for Trim-Fit Ürtil
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Plykea cannot anticipate differences in width and tolerances that might result from IKEA's manufacturing and kitchen installation process. To create custom furniture like our Ürtil, we've learned that manual trimming and assembly are necessary when fitting it between two cover panels.

With that in mind, we have provided instructions below to help with the trimming and assembly process of your flat-pack Ürtil.

STEP 1: Trim the top and bottom pieces of the Ürtil from both sides, making sure that the fin remains central to the width between the two cover panels.

STEP 2: Insert the fin through the central groove. Make sure to insert it with the notch side faced forward. You may apply a bit of wood glue at this point, inside the central grooves.

STEP 3: Make sure that the back of the fin is sitting flush to the back groove. Screw in the side pieces making sure everything is flush, including the front edges of the sides as well as double checking the fin.

STEP 4: Once the Ürtil carcass is assembled, measure the width of the back pocket. Then use that measured width to cut down the back piece. Again, make sure to trim from both sides equally to maintain the pilot holes for the fin to remain central. Please note that the height of the Ürtil back is cut to size and will not require any trimming.

STEP 5: Screw the back into place using the pilot holes. If it's a veneer, remember which side has the finished spray and which doesn't. Make sure the finished side faces the inside of the Ürtil, which is toward the front.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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