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Can I change my order once it's placed?
Can I change my order once it's placed?
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We understand that design and construction changes often occur, sometimes even after an order is placed. We will accommodate any requests for revisions up to 1 week after payment, and as long as they are minor changes (e.g. a handle or hinge position) it will be free of charge. If material usage and order value increases, we will invoice the difference. If you need to make changes that reduce the size of your order, it's not possible to make any partial refunds once we have ordered our materials.

After the 1 week period, any changes will also be subject to a flat £100 +VAT Change Request Fee which must be paid before production starts or continues on your fronts.

We always do our best to keep to original delivery dates but please be aware that late changes could also delay your order.

Can I delay my order?

If your building schedule changes and you need to delay, we can store your order for up to 1 week only.

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