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Payment, Lead Time, Delivery, Installation and Cleaning & Maintenance

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Payment is 100% upfront allowing us to schedule your order into our production process.

Lead Time to Dispatch Date

Please check the current lead time with the team, as it can vary at busy times.

We recommend giving yourself a weeks grace between receiving our delivery and having your fitter start work. We'll give you a w/c date when you check out and offer a firm date 2 weeks before delivery.

If your building schedule changes and you need to delay, we can store your order for up to 1 week only.

Formica Colours

The following Formica colours may be on a longer lead time:

  • White F0949

  • Alpino F1040

  • Fox F1994

  • Polar White F2255

  • Blanc Polaire F2274

  • Sno White F2296

  • Crystal White F3091

  • Seed F5344

  • Fossil F5349

  • Iron F7902

  • Surf F7923

  • Folkestone F7927

  • Soft White F7949

  • Fog F7961

If you would like a dark colour for your fronts or worktop, then Fenix can be a better option (it's also anti-fingerprint). The following dark Formica colours are more prone to scratching, so we'd advise against using these if possible.

  • Formica Navy Blue

  • Cardinal Red

  • Hunter Green

  • Nocturn

  • Diamond Black

  • Terril

  • Algae

The pigment used in creating the colour makes it more susceptible to light scratches. In addition, light scratches are emphasised by the heavily pigmented colour. Inevitable scratches are barely noticeable in light colours. So, whilst these colours are still available we are advising customers to make a different choice if possible, for example Fenix offers an alternative dark blue, green and black options. If you would still like to go ahead with the dark Formica colours there will be a surcharge added. We always recommend customers order samples and stress test by staining and scratching.


  • England and Wales - delivery is same day as dispatch day

  • Scotland - delivery is same-day or over-night delivery (dispatch day + 1 day)

UK deliveries are sent on a direct van from our workshop to your address. Delivery is included in the quote. Shipments are made by courier to the threshold of your home so please ensure that two strong people are at home to carry in heavy items like worktops and large cover panels. It is important to keep your items flat prior to installation so please lay them down either on the floor or a sturdy flat surface whilst storing to prevent any possibility of bending, bowing or warping.

Please check all the parcels are delivered intact and without damage. If your parcel packaging was damaged during transit please check the items and email us within 48 hours of the delivery with any issues (please include photos). We appreciate your help with this.

Making Changes

We understand that design and construction changes often occur, sometimes even after an order is placed. We will accommodate any requests for revisions up to 1 week after payment, and as long as they are minor changes (e.g. a handle or hinge position) it will be free of charge. If material usage and order value increases, we will invoice the difference. If you need to make changes that reduce the size of your order, it's not possible to make any partial refunds once we have ordered our materials.

After the 1 week period, any changes will also be subject to a flat £100 +VAT Change Request Fee which must be paid before production starts or continues on your fronts.

We always do our best to keep to original delivery dates but please be aware that late changes could also delay your order.


Installing our fronts, cover panels and plinths is the same as with IKEA's own items. Standard sized fronts will be supplied with pre-drilled holes for drawer runners and hinge cups, handles will be fitted as required. Any custom sized fronts will need to have their hinge cups drills on-site - this is an easy job for a kitchen fitter with a 35mm hinge boring drill. For accuracy please expect to trim cover panels, plinths and worktops will on-site.

Each item will be engraved with a number that corresponds to your IKEA plan - like a giant jigsaw puzzle!

Hinges and drawer runners should be purchased from IKEA, we will supply plinth clips with your order.

For more on installation see our Installation Guide.

For more on non IKEA integrated appliances see our Guide to Using Non IKEA Appliances.

Installation of worktops should be carried out by an experienced fitter. There's no need to finish and polish an edge that won't be visible, we label the 4 sides of a worktop with Front, Back, Left and Right so signify which edges require finishing.

For more on fitting worktops see our Worktop Installation Guide.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Wood faced ply is protected with a 2 part PU lacquer, dirt and splashes are best removed promptly with a damp cloth only.

Formica or Fenix faced ply - please see the Cleaning and Maintenance guides on the links below to make sure the material is right for you.

Formica faced ply (page 10)

We finish the ply edges of each item using a premium hard wax oil. The oil is Formaldehyde free, crack resistant and filters UV light delaying the natural yellowing of the wood over time. The oil creates a water-resistant protective barrier on the wood whilst retaining its beautiful natural appearance.


All goods purchased from Plykea Ltd are made to order and so, unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund if you simply change your mind.

We are unable to refund or replace items ordered in error - it is the responsibility of you the customer to ensure you have ordered the correct items before completing any purchase. For this reason, we encourage you to send us your kitchen design before completing your order so we can check you have all the items you need.

Please check all the parcels are delivered intact and without damage. If your parcel packaging was damaged during transit please check the items and email us within 48 hours of the delivery with any issues (please include photos).

We have a rigorous QC process to check our products before we dispatch them. In the unlikely event that you receive a faulty or damaged item, we will, of course, repair or replace it as necessary. We understand that you may not immediately fit your kitchen so once you've fully unpacked your order, faulty or damaged items must be reported to us within 7 days of receiving them.

Please check all items before installing. In the case of worktops, if you do encounter a problem, please do not fit the worktops before contacting us. Once fitted we are unable to take responsibility for damaged worktops.

Shortening the length of time between delivery and installation can really help to minimise damage on site. Unfortunately, we have visited many sites and seen too many of our products in compromised situations. We recommend taking delivery of our products in a clean, dust-free space where building work is complete and the risk of damage is very low.

We hope this information confirms your decision to use a UK based manufacturer producing a quality product using high-quality materials.

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