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How much heat can Formica® withstand?
How much heat can Formica® withstand?
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The extract below is taken from page 9 of Formica's EU Fabrication Advice Guide


Formica® decorative laminates will withstand surface temperatures of up to 180°C (356°F) for short periods without deterioration of surface or colour (although in some cases a slight loss of gloss may occur) but continuouslocalised heat must be avoided.

It should be noted that cooking vessels can achieve much higher temperaturesin normal usage, e.g. the base of a pan containing cooking fat can exceed 250°C, which is why it is recommended that hot pans etc. should not be placeddirectly onto laminate faced work surfaces.

When used in situations involving localised heat, e.g. adjacent to ovens etc, themaximum temperature to which the laminate should be subjected for longperiods (up to 8 hours) is 100°C. There are other applications, such as the use infire surrounds, where laminates are subjected to direct heat more or lesscontinuously. 

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