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Plykea order checklist
Plykea order checklist

A handy guide to make sure you know exactly what is coming from us and everything you need from IKEA to install your new kitchen

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When planning your Plykea kitchen we recommend drawing up your design using IKEA's online kitchen planner tool. Once your design is finished and before ordering from IKEA you'll need to remove the parts being supplied by us.

Please note if you're reading this before ordering from us we prefer you to send us your complete design, with fronts, when requesting a quote 👍

The IKEA kitchen planner allows you to remove all worktops and/or fronts from your design by selecting the "Change All" option on the left hand menu. Select either worktops or fronts from the resultant dropdown menu and then scroll to the far right of the available options where you'll find either "No worktop" or "No front" as shown below.

There isn't an option to remove all cover panels or plinths from the kitchen planner. It's also important to note that when removing all the fronts from your design it will also remove all the hinges.

For these reasons we recommend taking the full version of your design, complete with all worktops, fronts, cover panels and plinths to IKEA when placing your order. The member of IKEA staff assisting you with your order will then be able to remove these items from your order but ensure items you'll need such as the hinges remain included, and that you order the correct size drawer runners.

Some additional points to bear in mind:

If you're ordering your worktops from us simply have any included in your IKEA design removed from the order. If you're not ordering your worktops from us and you plan on using our spacer panels you'll need to make sure your worktop is long enough to accommodate an additional 18mm between each unit.

When ordering your door and drawer fronts from us you'll need to have all the IKEA fronts removed from your order but ensure all hinges and drawer runners remain included. If your design includes a dishwasher that requires IKEA's BEHJÄLPLIG hinge you'll also need to make sure that remains included in your order. If you plan on ordering a non IKEA dishwasher please also read our related help article.

Cover & Filler Panels
If your order from us includes cover or filler panels simply ensure any IKEA ones are removed from your order. It's worth noting however that the standard IKEA cover panels are 13-15mm thick whereas our cover panels are up to 20mm.

If you're ordering fronts from us your order will also include matching plinths.

If you're going for appliances other than those on your Ikea plan do let us know so we can make sure any front or filler sizes are correct.

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